Eliza Starbuck Barney's journal is the most reliable genealogy for Nantucket’s families for the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. The Barney Record contains vital information on more than 40,000 Nantucketers.

An attempt has been made to enter the data as found in the original document, including abbreviations. All data facts are copied verbatim from E.S.B.'s record. The goal has been to reproduce exactly the information E.S.B. presented in her record. There is no other source for the data contained herein. Note on Dates

E.S.B. used dates DD/MM/YYYY, mm/yyyy, year only or no dates given. Also she never left any information on Quaker date usage. In 1753 Quakers began using the Julian calendar; however, E.S.B. leaves no information on how she treats dates (Quaker and Julian) prior to 1753.

Note on Names
Spelling of names is sometimes inconsistent, i.e. Fish/Fisher, Green/Greene, Nerboth/Narbeth, Nichol/Nicholls, Pearson/Pierson, Roland/Rowland.

Note on bracketted information
Bracketted notes were added later in response to user feedback and are not in the Barney Record.

Note on exhibits (photos, etc)
Larger copies are available from the NHA Research Library.

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